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VIS ENERGIA works in the development of energy generation or environment preservation enterprises with the objective of offering innovative solutions for specific problems.

Energy Generation Enterprises

The development of energy generation enterprises done by VIS ENERGIA also include environment preservation aspects. The business solutions are based on proven Technologies, such as combustion or gasification of biomasses and forest, agricultural, industrial and municipal solid residues. These are types of renewable sources that may replace fossil products such as coal, natural gas, diesel and fuel oil, for power generation or combined heat and power generation.

Environment Preservation Enterprises

The thermal treatment of municipal solid waste (Waste to Energy) reduces the use of landfills and improves the quality of air and water through the use of modern pollution control techniques. The processing of scrap tires and plastic residues a process which may recover primary components used in their manufacture, such as oil, steel and coal, reduces the requirements of non-renewable raw materials. The treatment of sludge produced by households and industries may lead to the recovery of their components as clean products such as reusable water, metals, fertilizers or fuels.