Renewable Energy and the Environment

Following its commitment to Sustainability and Environment Preservation, VIS ENERGIA focus is on businesses based on energy generation and production of value products from renewable resources such as biomasses, solid residues, solar, wind and hydro energy. Some of these sources may be continuously supplied, whilst others are available for part of the time and are considered as complementary – this is the case of solar and wind energy.
These energy sources renew themselves and their use leads to the preservation of other types of resources which become increasingly scarce and expensive.
Business solutions based on renewable sources produce less greenhouse gases, and are part of the efforts to containing the global warming. These businesses represent a step forward in the direction of a better planet, where the air is clean, and the natural elements – sun, wind and water, are allies to mankind.
VIS ENERGIA aims at the development of solutions directed towards a sustainable planet through the adoption of innovative high quality Technologies which offer attractive levels of return on investments. The principles that govern VIS ENERGIA involve a deep commitment with quality and sustainability through processes marked by an irreproachable ethical attitude.